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Ambient Energy

Group for sharing components and measures developed by Ambient Energy (

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Austin Energy

This group is created to share components and measures to be used in the creation of OpenStudio energy models for Austin Energy's Integrated Modeling Incentive....

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Australian Buildings

Building Components typical of Australia

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Building Science Group

Building Science Group is currently located at the University of Maryland. The group's mission is to enable the development and implementation of energy...

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This is a public library for the Energy Efficient Outpost Modeling Consortium (EEOMC) pillar I goal of creating an optimization code to decide the most optimal mix of...

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Existing Building Recommissioning - SES Consulting

A group started by SES Consulting Inc. to develop and share energy efficiency measures for HVAC and Controls.

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This group contains measures related to the AEC Hackathon

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Integral Group Modeling

The purpose of this group is to share measures created by energy modelers at Integral Group.

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Italian UNI Materials

This group hosts materials whose mechanical and thermical properties are defined according italian UNI regulations

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