List of Attributes

Name API Field Name Data Type Unit of Measurement
Climate Zone sm_a_climate_zone String
Color Rendering Index fs_a_color_rendering_index Floating-point number
Combustion Efficiency fs_a_combustion_efficiency Floating-point number %
Compatible Module sm_a_compatible_module String
Compressor Motor Efficiency fs_a_compressor_motor_efficiency Floating-point number %
Compressor Motor Type sm_a_compressor_motor_type String
Compressor Type sm_a_compressor_type String
Condenser Pressure Drop fs_a_condenser_pressure_drop Floating-point number Pa
Condenser Type sm_a_condenser_type String
Condensing Operation sm_a_condensing_operation String
Conductivity fs_a_conductivity Floating-point number W/m*K
Conductor Material sm_a_conductor_material String
Construction sm_a_construction String
Construction Type sm_a_construction_type String
Control Type sm_a_control_type String
Correlated Color Temperature fs_a_correlated_color_temperature Floating-point number K
Country sm_a_country String
Cycle Length fs_a_cycle_length Floating-point number s
Cycling Percent On fs_a_cycling_percent_on Floating-point number
D Flange sm_a_d_flange String
Definite Purpose sm_a_definite_purpose String
delta mean db temperature fs_a_delta_mean_db_temperature Floating-point number deltaC
Density fs_a_density Floating-point number kg/m^3
Design Chilled Water Flow Rate fs_a_design_chilled_water_flow_rate Floating-point number L/s
Design Chilled Water Supply Temperature fs_a_design_chilled_water_supply_temperature Floating-point number C