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Enable Demand Controlled Ventilation
measure The facility currently does not have a demand controlled ventilation system or CO2 sensors in the air delivery system. Outside air is introduced...
Enable Economizer Control
measure There is currently not a functioning air side economizer enabled in the building. Air side economizers use cold outside air to either assist the...
Fan Assist Night Ventilation
measure This measure is meant to roughly model the impact of fan assisted night ventilation. The user needs to have a ventilation schedule in the model,...
measure This measure will reduce space ventilation rates by the requested percentage. A cost per square foot of building area can be added to the model.
Add Zone Ventilation Design Flow Rate Object
measure This will allow you to add a ZoneVentilation:DesignFlowRate object into your model in a specified zone. The ventilation type is exposed as an...
measure Set the Minimum Outdoor Air FLow Rate for all Controller:OutdoorAir objects in the model. Input values are in SI units.