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Add EMS to Report Emissions
measure This measure reports emissions based on user-provided future and historical years as well as future, historical hourly, and historical annual subregions.
measure Visualize an OpenStudio model in a web based viewer
measure Visualize energy simulation data plotted on an OpenStudio model in a web based viewer
HVAC Psychrometric Chart
measure A psychrometric chart shows the relationship between air temperature and humidity conditions.
measure This measure takes the path to an external OSM file. When it runs, it compares that model to the current model and reports differences between the two.
measure Sets the run period and timestep for simulation
OpenStudio Results
measure This measure creates high level tables and charts pulling both from model inputs and EnergyPlus results. It has building level information as well...
Generic QAQC
measure This measure extracts key simulation results and performs basic model QAQC checks. Each category of checks provides a description of the source of...
Example Report
measure Simple example of modular code to create tables and charts in OpenStudio reporting measures. This is not meant to use as is, it is an example to...
Envelope and Internal Load Breakdown
measure Report provides annual and monthly views into heat gains and losses for envelope and internal loads.
Tariff Selection-Time and Date Dependant
measure This measure sets flat rates for gas, water, district heating, and district cooling but has on seasonal and off peak rates for electricity. It...
Tariff Selection-Generic
measure This measure will add pre defined tariffs from IDF files in the resrouce directory for this measure.
Tariff Selection-Flat
measure This measure sets flat rates for electricity, gas, water, district heating, and district cooling.
Tariff Selection-Block
measure This measure sets block rates for electricity, and flat rates for gas, water, district heating, and district cooling.
Set Exterior Walls and Floors to Adiabatic
measure Set exterior or ground walls, floors, and roofs to Adiabatic and assign a hard construction. Can specify through bool arguments exterior...
Ventilation Report
measure This measure asks the user to select a thermal zone (or all zones) and generates a Quality Assurance Report relating to ventilation and...
measure This measure adds a load associated with charging of electric vehicles (EVs) to a building in URBANopt. EV load profiles were generated in EVI-Pro...
Remove Orphan Objects and Unused Resources
measure This is the start of a measure that will have expanded functionality over time. It will have two distinct functions. One will be to remove orphan...
Set Electric Equipment loads by EPD
measure Set the electric equipment power density (W/ft^2) in the to a specified value for all spaces that have electric equipment. This can be applied to...
measure Set Space Infiltration Design Flow Rate per exterior area for the entire building.
Get Site from Building Component Library
measure Populate choice list from BCL, then selected site will be brought into model. This will include the weather file, design days, and water main temperatures.
Inject IDF Objects
measure This measure allows you to inject IDF objects into an OSM generated IDF prior to passing the IDF off to EnergyPlus.
Air Wall Zone Mixing
measure This measure replaces conductive heat transfer with zone mixing wherever air walls are used on matched surfaces or sub-surfaces for walls. A user...
gem environment report
measure For OpenStudio testing and development; this measure reports out information about the gem path and gems that are available and loaded. Used for...
Unmet Load Hours Troubleshooting
measure Unmet load hours are any hours of operation when conditioned spaces are outside the throttling range for heating or cooling controls. That is,...