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measure Exports an OutputMeter specified in the AddOutputMeter OpenStudio measure to a csv file.
Meter Custom
measure This measure creates a Custom Meter to combine output variables and meters from a user-defined .csv file. This is helpful for combining energy use...
Add Wind and Stack Open Area
measure This measure models natural ventilation to thermal zones with operable windows. It is not intended to model natural ventilation that relies on...
Surface Matching Diagnostic
measure This will look for surfaces in adjacent spaces with similar geometry and create thermal connections between them.
Ideal Loads Options
measure This measure allows the user to edit ideal air loads fields including availability schedules, maximum and minimum supply air temperatures,...
Add Interval Schedule From File
measure This measure adds a schedule object from a file of interval data
Set Output Table To IP Units
measure This measure changes the output table to be in IP units.
Remove HVAC Systems
measure This measure removes HVAC systems from an OpenStudio model.
Split Windows Into Horizontal Segments
measure This will replace all exterior rectangular windows with a series of stacked horizontal segments of the same area. The number of segments is...
Ideal Air Loads Zone HVAC
measure This OpenStudio measure will replace the existing HVAC system with ideal air loads objects for each conditioned zone and allow the user to specify...
Add Hourly Meters
measure This measure adds hourly meters for the most common energy use types.
Swap Construction In Construction Set
measure This will swap a construction assigned in any construction set with another defined in your model. This will make the change in all construction sets.
Rename Air Loop Objects By Air Loop Name
measure This measure will rename node, fan, and outdoor air system objects from a generic name "Node 10" to the air loop name and type of object "AHU 1...
Add Waterside Economizer
measure This measure adds a waterside economizer to provide free cooling to a user-selected chilled water loop from a user-selected condenser water loop...
Assign Zones to Air Loop from CSV
measure This measure adds thermal zones and air terminals to an air loop from a user-defined .csv file.
Change Variable Volume Fan Coefficients
measure This measure changes the variable speed fan coefficients to model fan systems with different characteristics and static pressure reset controls.
Rename VRF Terminal
measure New new is combination of VRF system name and thermal zone name. This doesn't change the performance of the system in any way, just the name of...
Get Lat Long from ground exposed floors
measure This is quick utility to gather geometry needed for geojson
Report Effective Number of Spaces and Avg Space Size per space type
measure Quick measure to report the effective number of spaces, along with average and total floor area for each space type..
Set Building To Construction Set
measure This measures changes the building's default construction set to one selected by the user from a list of available default construction sets.
Set Zone Height Volume and Area
measure This coudl be used anytime you want to overwrite the calculated values, but it was specifically designe for pinwheel model where there only...
measure Take stratification into account