Measure Details

Display NameRemovehardassignedconstructions
Language Ruby
Tags Envelope.Opaque
DescriptionThis will remove all construction assignments from made directly to surfaces or sub-surfaces. This may useful if you started with an Imported IDF file and now want to use construction sets.
Modeler's DescriptionThis is classified under opaque, but it also affects fenestration surfaces.
Measure TypeModelMeasure
Uses SketchUp APIfalse
OpenStudio Version2.0.0
Minimum Compatible OpenStudio Version2.0.0
GitHub RepoNREL/openstudio-model-articulation-gem


Version ID GitHub Release Tag OpenStudio Version Min Compatible Version Max Compatible Version Download Link
07b47729-0071-44a6-99db-dc703f1326e5 v0.9.0 2.0.0 2.0.0 Download v0.9.0
07b47729-0071-44a6-99db-dc703f1326e5 v0.8.0 2.0.0 2.0.0 Download v0.8.0
41caa15f-8f6a-4545-9420-268b9a1e02b8 v0.6.1 2.0.0 2.0.0 Download v0.6.1
41caa15f-8f6a-4545-9420-268b9a1e02b8 v0.6.0 2.0.0 2.0.0 Download v0.6.0
8b5b2fe1-0524-4b24-8f77-de57f98ed544 v0.5.0 2.0.0 2.0.0 Download v0.5.0
8b5b2fe1-0524-4b24-8f77-de57f98ed544 V0.4.2 2.0.0 2.0.0 Download V0.4.2
08479221-f488-4a11-8c58-97dfe88252c0 v0.1 2.0.0 2.0.0 Download v0.1