Tags and Attributes

Browse through the tabs below to learn more about the measure and component tags and attributes used to classify BCL content.

Measure Tags Taxonomy

Tags are used to classify measure content. The tag taxonomy is hierarchical and contains 2 levels. All measure must have a tag specified in the measure.xml file. For example, a measure that relates to Lighting Equipment would have the following <tags> section in its XML file:

<tags><tag>Electric Lighting.Lighting Equipment</tag></tags>


  • Economics
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Electric Lighting
    • Electric Lighting Controls
    • Lighting Equipment
  • Envelope
    • Construction Sets
    • Daylighting
    • Fenestration
    • Form
    • Infiltration
    • Opaque
  • Equipment
    • Electric Equipment
    • Equipment Controls
    • Gas Equipment
  • HVAC
    • Cooling
    • Distribution
    • Energy Recovery
    • Heating
    • Heat Rejection
    • HVAC Controls
    • Ventilation
    • Whole System
  • Onsite Power Generation
    • Photovoltaic
  • People
    • Characteristics
    • People Schedules
  • Refrigeration
    • Cases and Walkins
    • Compressors
    • Condensers
    • Heat Reclaim
    • Refrigeration Controls
  • Reporting
    • QAQC
    • Troubleshooting
  • Service Water Heating
    • Distribution
    • Water Heating
    • Water Use
  • Whole Building
    • Space Types
    • Whole Building Schedules

Component Tags Taxonomy

Tags are used to classify component content. The tag taxonomy is hierarchical and has 3 levels. All components must have a tag specified in the component.xml file. For example, a component that represents a Weather File would have the following <tags> section in its XML file:

<tags><tag>Location-Dependent Component.Weather File</tag></tags>


  • Construction Assembly
    • Fenestration
      • Door
      • Skylight
      • Window
    • Floor
      • Attic Floor
      • Exposed Floor
      • Exterior Slab
      • Floor Above Crawlspace
      • Floor Above Uncond Bsmt
      • Floor Above Uncond Garage
      • Interior Floor
    • Roof Ceiling
      • Attic Roof
      • Crawlspace Ceiling
      • Exterior Roof
      • Interior Ceiling
      • Uncond Bsmt Ceiling
      • Uncond Garage Ceiling
    • Wall
      • Below Grade Wall
      • Exterior Wall
      • Interior Wall
  • Electric Lighting
    • Lamp Ballasts
      • Lamp Ballasts
    • Lamps
      • Non-SSL Lamps
      • SSL Replacement Lamps
  • EmissionFactors
    • Electricity Emission Factors (by State)
    • FossilFuel Emission Factors (by Type)
  • HVAC
    • Boilers
      • Hot-Water Boilers
    • Compressors
      • Positive Displacement Refrigeration Compressors
    • Ductless Heat Pump
      • Indoor Unit
      • Outdoor Unit
    • Energy Recovery
    • Fan
      • Axial Fan
      • Centrifugal Fan
      • Cross Flow Fan
      • Mixed Flow Fan
      • Powered Roof Ventilator
      • Tubular Centrifugal Fan
    • Hydronic Cooling Equipment
      • Electrically-Driven Mechanical-Compression Chillers
    • Hydronic Heating Equipment
      • Boilers
    • Motor
      • Electric Motor
    • Packaged Unitary Equipment
      • Rooftop Units
    • Pumps
      • Rotodynamic Pumps
  • Location-Dependent Component
    • Cooling Degree Days
    • Design Day
    • Ground Temperature
    • Heating Degree Days
    • Site
    • Water Mains Temperature
    • Weather File
  • Material
    • Material Heat and Moisture Transfer
    • Opaque
      • Building Board and Siding
      • Building Membrane
      • Finish Flooring
      • Framing with Cavity
      • Insulation
      • Masonry
      • Plaster
      • Roofing
      • Solid Wood
  • MEL
    • Appliance
      • Beverage Fountain
      • Cash Exchange
      • Coffee Maker
      • Desktop Fan
      • Drinking Fountain
      • Food Warmer
      • Freezer
      • Ice Machine
      • Microwave
      • Mini-fridge
      • Personal Heater
      • Refrigerated Vending Machine
      • Refrigerator
      • Vending Machine
      • Water Cooler
      • Water Purifier
    • Audio
    • Computer
      • Desktop
      • Integrated Display Computer
      • Notebook
    • Display
      • CRT Monitor
      • CRT Television
      • Digital Photo Frame
      • LCD Monitor
      • LCD Television
      • Plasma Television
      • Projector
    • Imaging and Printing
      • Network Printer / Fax / Scanner
      • Personal Printer / Fax / Scanner
    • Lighting
      • Egress Light
      • Task Light
    • Medical
      • Blood Pressure Cuff
      • Computed Tomography
      • Electrosurgical Unit
      • Exam Bed
      • Exam Chair
      • Exam Light
      • Infusion Pump
      • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
      • Phototherapy Equipment
      • Smoke Evaporator
      • Surgical Clipper
      • Surgical Light
      • Vital Signs Monitor
    • Personal Care
  • Occupant
  • On-Site Power Generation
    • Photovoltaic System
      • Combiner Box
      • Inverter
      • Photovoltaic Module
      • Racking System
  • Plumbing
    • Water Fixture
      • Faucet
      • Shower Head
      • Toilet
      • Urinal
  • Service Water Heating
    • Tank Water Heater
      • Heat Pump Water Heater
  • Special Days
  • Whole Building


Attributes are used to communicate additional information about the content. For example: MeasureType, Intended Software Tool, or Latitude and Longitude. Attributes are defined in the <attributes> section of the measure or component's XML file. It is also possible to query by an attribute name and value pair. The current attributes of the BCL are listed below.

Name Legacy API Query String Datatype Units
Actual Tank Volume fs_a_actual_tank_volume Floating-point number m<sup>3</sup>
Additional Emissions Equipment sm_a_additional_emissions_equipment String
AHRI Certified Reference Number fs_a_ahri_certified_reference_number Floating-point number
AHRI Rated Coefficient of Performance fs_a_ahri_rated_coefficient_of_performance Floating-point number
Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency fs_a_annual_fuel_utilization_efficiency Floating-point number %
ANSI Lamp Designation sm_a_ansi_lamp_designation String
Area fs_a_area Floating-point number m^2
Average Power fs_a_average_power Floating-point number W
Ballast Factor fs_a_ballast_factor Floating-point number
Ballast Type sm_a_ballast_type Floating-point number
Basin Heater Capacity fs_a_basin_heater_capacity Floating-point number kW
Block Fill Type sm_a_block_fill_type String
Brand sm_a_brand String
Building sm_a_building String
Building Type sm_a_building_type String
C Face sm_a_c_face String
Category sm_a_category String
cdd10 fs_a_cdd10 Floating-point number C
cdd18 fs_a_cdd18 Floating-point number C
Cell Technology sm_a_cell_technology String
Children Heat Multiplier fs_a_children_heat_multiplier Floating-point number
City sm_a_city String
Clearance Height fs_a_clearance_height Floating-point number mm
Clearance Length fs_a_clearance_length Floating-point number mm
Clearance Width fs_a_clearance_width Floating-point number mm
Climate Zone sm_a_climate_zone String
Color Rendering Index fs_a_color_rendering_index Floating-point number
Combustion Efficiency fs_a_combustion_efficiency Floating-point number %
Compatible Module sm_a_compatible_module String
Compressor Motor Efficiency fs_a_compressor_motor_efficiency Floating-point number %
Compressor Motor Type sm_a_compressor_motor_type String
Compressor Type sm_a_compressor_type String
Condenser Pressure Drop fs_a_condenser_pressure_drop Floating-point number Pa
Condenser Type sm_a_condenser_type String
Condensing Operation sm_a_condensing_operation String
Conductivity fs_a_conductivity Floating-point number W/m*K
Conductor Material sm_a_conductor_material String
Construction sm_a_construction String
Construction Type sm_a_construction_type String
Control Type sm_a_control_type String
Correlated Color Temperature fs_a_correlated_color_temperature Floating-point number K
Country sm_a_country String
Cycle Length fs_a_cycle_length Floating-point number s
Cycling Percent On fs_a_cycling_percent_on Floating-point number
D Flange sm_a_d_flange String
Definite Purpose sm_a_definite_purpose String
delta mean db temperature fs_a_delta_mean_db_temperature Floating-point number deltaC
Density fs_a_density Floating-point number kg/m^3
Design Chilled Water Flow Rate fs_a_design_chilled_water_flow_rate Floating-point number L/s
Design Chilled Water Supply Temperature fs_a_design_chilled_water_supply_temperature Floating-point number C
Design Condenser Water Flow Rate fs_a_design_condenser_water_flow_rate Floating-point number L/s
Dewpoint fs_a_dewpoint Floating-point number C
Direct Online Breakdown Torque fs_a_direct_online_breakdown_torque Floating-point number N*m
Direct Online Locked Rotor Amperage fs_a_direct_online_locked_rotor_amperage Floating-point number A
Direct Online Locked Rotor Torque fs_a_direct_online_locked_rotor_torque Floating-point number N*m
Direct Online Pull Up Torque fs_a_direct_online_pull_up_torque Floating-point number N*m
Draft Type sm_a_draft_type String
Eddy Current Load Loss Fraction fs_a_eddy_current_load_loss_fraction Floating-point number %
Effective R-value fs_a_effective_r-value Floating-point number m^2 K/W
Efficiency at Maximum Power fs_a_efficiency_at_maximum_power Floating-point number %
Elevation fs_a_elevation Floating-point number m
Embedded Greenhouse Gas fs_a_embedded_greenhouse_gas Floating-point number
Enclosure Type sm_a_enclosure_type String
Energy Model Type sm_a_energy_model_type String
enthalpy fs_a_enthalpy Floating-point number kJ/kg
Evaporator Pressure Drop fs_a_evaporator_pressure_drop Floating-point number Pa
Extended Warranty fs_a_extended_warranty Floating-point number Years
Extended Warranty Option sm_a_extended_warranty_option String
Facade sm_a_facade String
Fan Control sm_a_fan_control String
Fan Efficiency fs_a_fan_efficiency Floating-point number
Fan Label sm_a_fan_label String
Fan Power Coefficient 1 fs_a_fan_power_coefficient_1 Floating-point number
Fan Power Coefficient 2 fs_a_fan_power_coefficient_2 Floating-point number
Fan Power Coefficient 3 fs_a_fan_power_coefficient_3 Floating-point number
Fan Power Coefficient 4 fs_a_fan_power_coefficient_4 Floating-point number
Fan Power Coefficient 5 fs_a_fan_power_coefficient_5 Floating-point number
Faucet Type sm_a_faucet_type String
Film Coefficients sm_a_film_coefficients String
Flow Rate at 20F Temperature Rise fs_a_flow_rate_at_20f_temperature_rise Floating-point number L/s
Flush Type sm_a_flush_type String
Frame Size sm_a_frame_size String
Framing Spacing fs_a_framing_spacing Floating-point number m
Fuel Calorific Value as Tested fs_a_fuel_calorific_value_as_tested Floating-point number kJ/kg
Fuel Moisture Content as Tested fs_a_fuel_moisture_content_as_tested Floating-point number %
Fuel Type sm_a_fuel_type String
Full Load Amperage fs_a_full_load_amperage Floating-point number A
Full Load Speed fs_a_full_load_speed Floating-point number RPM
Full Load Torque fs_a_full_load_torque Floating-point number N*m
Full-Load Temperature Rise fs_a_full-load_temperature_rise Floating-point number Degrees Celsius
Gap Spacing fs_a_gap_spacing Floating-point number mm
Gas Fill sm_a_gas_fill String
Generic Float fs_a_generic_float Floating-point number
hdd10 fs_a_hdd10 Floating-point number C
hdd18 fs_a_hdd18 Floating-point number C
Heat Exchanger Material sm_a_heat_exchanger_material String
Heat Pump Fan Rated Power Input fs_a_heat_pump_fan_rated_power_input Floating-point number W
Heat Pump Fan Total Efficiency fs_a_heat_pump_fan_total_efficiency Floating-point number %
Heating Medium sm_a_heating_medium String
Height fs_a_height Floating-point number m
IEC Efficiency at 25% Load fs_a_iec_efficiency_at_25%_load Floating-point number %
IEC Efficiency at 50% Load fs_a_iec_efficiency_at_50%_load Floating-point number %
IEC Efficiency at 75% Load fs_a_iec_efficiency_at_75%_load Floating-point number %
IEC Efficiency at Full Load fs_a_iec_efficiency_at_full_load Floating-point number %
IEEE Efficiency at 25% Load fs_a_ieee_efficiency_at_25%_load Floating-point number %
IEEE Efficiency at 50% Load fs_a_ieee_efficiency_at_50%_load Floating-point number %
IEEE Efficiency at 75% Load fs_a_ieee_efficiency_at_75%_load Floating-point number %
IEEE Efficiency at Full Load fs_a_ieee_efficiency_at_full_load Floating-point number %
Ignition Type sm_a_ignition_type String
Input Power fs_a_input_power Floating-point number W
Input Power at 120V sm_a_input_power_at_120v Floating-point number W
Input Power Control sm_a_input_power_control String
Input Power Factor at 120V fs_a_input_power_factor_at_120v Floating-point number W/V*A
Input Power Factor at 277V fs_a_input_power_factor_at_277v Floating-point number W/V*A
Input Voltage sm_a_input_voltage Floating-point number V
Insulation Class sm_a_insulation_class String
Insulation Minimum R-value (ft^2 F h/Btu) sm_a_insulation_minimum_r-value_(ft^2_f_h/btu) String
Integral Ballast sm_a_integral_ballast String
Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio fs_a_integrated_energy_efficiency_ratio Floating-point number (BTU/h)/W
Integrated Motor integrated_motor Boolean
Intended Software Tool sm_a_intended_software_tool String
Intended Use Case sm_a_intended_use_case String
Interior Shade Layer Type sm_a_interior_shade_layer_type String
Lamp Distribution Type sm_a_lamp_distribution_type String
Landscape Orientation sm_a_landscape_orientation String
Latitude fs_a_latitude Floating-point number
Length fs_a_length Floating-point number m
License sm_a_license String
Light Source Type sm_a_light_source_type String
Location sm_a_location String
Longitude fs_a_longitude String
Lower Supplemental Heater Capacity fs_a_lower_supplemental_heater_capacity Floating-point number W
Manufacturer sm_a_manufacturer String
Materials sm_a_materials String
max drybulb temperature fs_a_max_drybulb_temperature Floating-point number C
Max Load Front fs_a_max_load_front Floating-point number kg/m^2
Maximum Chilled Water Flow Rate fs_a_maximum_chilled_water_flow_rate Floating-point number L/s
Maximum Chilled Water Supply Temperature fs_a_maximum_chilled_water_supply_temperature Floating-point number C
Maximum Condenser Water Flow Rate fs_a_maximum_condenser_water_flow_rate Floating-point number L/s
Maximum Condenser Water Supply Temperature fs_a_maximum_condenser_water_supply_temperature Floating-point number C
Maximum Efficiency Point fs_a_maximum_efficiency_point Floating-point number %
Maximum Flow Rate fs_a_maximum_flow_rate Floating-point number L/s
Maximum Fluid Temperature fs_a_maximum_fluid_temperature Floating-point number C
Maximum Fuel Moisture Content fs_a_maximum_fuel_moisture_content Floating-point number %
Maximum Glazing Fraction fs_a_maximum_glazing_fraction Floating-point number
Maximum Impeller Diameter fs_a_maximum_impeller_diameter Floating-point number mm
Maximum Input Current fs_a_maximum_input_current Floating-point number Adc
Maximum Input Voltage fs_a_maximum_input_voltage Floating-point number Vdc
Maximum Operating Input Voltage fs_a_maximum_operating_input_voltage Floating-point number Vdc
Maximum Operating Pressure fs_a_maximum_operating_pressure Floating-point number kPa
Maximum Operating Temperature fs_a_maximum_operating_temperature Floating-point number C
Maximum Outdoor Air Dry Bulb Temperature fs_a_maximum_outdoor_air_dry_bulb_temperature Floating-point number C
Maximum Outdoor Air Wet Bulb Temperature fs_a_maximum_outdoor_air_wet_bulb_temperature Floating-point number C
Maximum Part Load Ratio fs_a_maximum_part_load_ratio Floating-point number
Maximum Power fs_a_maximum_power Floating-point number W
Maximum Power Current fs_a_maximum_power_current Floating-point number Adc
Maximum Power Temperature Coefficient fs_a_maximum_power_temperature_coefficient Floating-point number %/C
Maximum Power Voltage fs_a_maximum_power_voltage Floating-point number Vdc
Maximum Pump Speed fs_a_maximum_pump_speed Floating-point number RPM
Maximum Series Fuse Rating fs_a_maximum_series_fuse_rating Floating-point number A
Maximum System Operating Pressure fs_a_maximum_system_operating_pressure Floating-point number bar
Maximum Units Per Branch fs_a_maximum_units_per_branch Floating-point number
Mean Luminous Flux fs_a_mean_luminous_flux Floating-point number lumens
Measure Function sm_a_measure_function String
Measure Type sm_a_measure_type String
MeasureFunction sm_a_measurefunction String
MeasureType sm_a_measuretype String
Minimum Ambient Air Temperature for Compressor Operation fs_a_minimum_ambient_air_temperature_for_compressor_operation Floating-point number ¡C
Minimum Chilled Water Flow Rate fs_a_minimum_chilled_water_flow_rate Floating-point number L/s
Minimum Chilled Water Supply Temperature fs_a_minimum_chilled_water_supply_temperature Floating-point number C
Minimum Condenser Water Flow Rate fs_a_minimum_condenser_water_flow_rate Floating-point number L/s
Minimum Condenser Water Supply Temperature fs_a_minimum_condenser_water_supply_temperature Floating-point number C
Minimum Feedwater Temperature fs_a_minimum_feedwater_temperature Floating-point number C
Minimum Flow Rate fs_a_minimum_flow_rate String L/s
Minimum Fluid Temperature fs_a_minimum_fluid_temperature Floating-point number C
Minimum Glazing Fraction fs_a_minimum_glazing_fraction Floating-point number
Minimum Impeller Diameter fs_a_minimum_impeller_diameter Floating-point number mm
Minimum Operating Input Voltage fs_a_minimum_operating_input_voltage Floating-point number Vdc
Minimum Operating Pressure fs_a_minimum_operating_pressure Floating-point number kPa
Minimum Operating Temperature fs_a_minimum_operating_temperature Floating-point number C
Minimum Outdoor Air Dry Bulb Temperature fs_a_minimum_outdoor_air_dry_bulb_temperature Floating-point number C
Minimum Outdoor Air Wet Bulb Temperature fs_a_minimum_outdoor_air_wet_bulb_temperature Floating-point number C
Minimum Part Load Ratio fs_a_minimum_part_load_ratio Floating-point number
Minimum Power fs_a_minimum_power Floating-point number W
Minimum Pump Speed fs_a_minimum_pump_speed Floating-point number RPM
Model Number sm_a_model_number String
monthly mean db temperature fs_a_monthly_mean_db_temperature Floating-point number C
Motor Efficiency fs_a_motor_efficiency Floating-point number
Motor In Airstream Fraction fs_a_motor_in_airstream_fraction Floating-point number
Motor Type sm_a_motor_type String
Motor Voltage fs_a_motor_voltage Floating-point number V
Name sm_a_name String
Nameplate Efficiency fs_a_nameplate_efficiency Floating-point number %
Net Refrigeration Capacity fs_a_net_refrigeration_capacity Floating-point number kW
Night Time Power Consumption fs_a_night_time_power_consumption Floating-point number Wac
No-Load Loss fs_a_no-load_loss Floating-point number Watts
Nominal Air Volumetric Flow Rate fs_a_nominal_air_volumetric_flow_rate Floating-point number m<sup>3</sup>/s
Nominal Capacity fs_a_nominal_capacity Floating-point number Watts
Nominal Cavity Insulation Resistance fs_a_nominal_cavity_insulation_resistance Floating-point number m^2*K/W
Nominal Coefficient of Performance fs_a_nominal_coefficient_of_performance Floating-point number
Nominal Framing Member Width fs_a_nominal_framing_member_width Floating-point number mm
Nominal Header Insulation Resistance fs_a_nominal_header_insulation_resistance Floating-point number m^2*K/W
Rated Heating Capacity fs_a_rated_heating_capacity Floating-point number W
Nominal Heat Pump Sensible Heat Ratio fs_a_nominal_heat_pump_sensible_heat_ratio Floating-point number
Nominal Inlet Air Dry-Bulb Temperature fs_a_nominal_inlet_air_dry-bulb_temperature Floating-point number ¡C
Nominal Inlet Air Wet-Bulb Temperature fs_a_nominal_inlet_air_wet-bulb_temperature Floating-point number ¡C
Nominal Tank Volume fs_a_nominal_tank_volume Floating-point number Cubic meters
Nominal Voltage fs_a_nominal_voltage Floating-point number V
Normal Operating Cell Temperature fs_a_normal_operating_cell_temperature Floating-point number C
Number of Cells fs_a_number_of_cells Floating-point number
Number of Discrete Heating Stages fs_a_number_of_discrete_heating_stages Floating-point number
Number of Lamps fs_a_number_of_lamps Floating-point number
Number of Panes sm_a_number_of_panes String
Off-Cycle Heat Loss Coefficient fs_a_off-cycle_heat_loss_coefficient Floating-point number W/m<sup>2</sup>/¡C
Open Circuit Voltage fs_a_open_circuit_voltage Floating-point number Vdc
Open Circuit Voltage Temperature Coefficient fs_a_open_circuit_voltage_temperature_coefficient Floating-point number %/C
OpenStudio Type sm_a_openstudio_type String
Overall U-factor fs_a_overall_u-factor Floating-point number W/m^2 K
Parasitic Fuel Consumption Rate fs_a_parasitic_fuel_consumption_rate Floating-point number W
Part Load Ratio Below Which Hot Gas Bypass Operates fs_a_part_load_ratio_below_which_hot_gas_bypass_operates Floating-point number
Peak Efficiency fs_a_peak_efficiency Floating-point number %
Peak Power fs_a_peak_power Floating-point number W
Percent Sensible Heat that is Radiant fs_a_percent_sensible_heat_that_is_radiant Floating-point number %
Phase is_a_phase Integer
Portrait Orientation sm_a_portrait_orientation String
Power Factor at 25% Load fs_a_power_factor_at_25%_load Floating-point number %
Power Factor at 50% Load fs_a_power_factor_at_50%_load Floating-point number %
Power Factor at 75% Load fs_a_power_factor_at_75%_load Floating-point number %
Power Factor at Full Load fs_a_power_factor_at_full_load Floating-point number %
Power Supply sm_a_power_supply String
PPM NOx Emissions fs_a_ppm_nox_emissions Floating-point number PPMV
Product Line/Family Name sm_a_product_line/family_name String
Pump Industry Segment sm_a_pump_industry_segment String
Pump Type and Classification sm_a_pump_type_and_classification String
Quantity is_a_quantity Integer
Rated Air Volumetric Flow Rate fs_a_rated_air_volumetric_flow_rate Floating-point number m<sup>3</sup>/s
Rated Capacity fs_a_rated_capacity Floating-point number W
Rated Coefficient of Performance fs_a_rated_coefficient_of_performance Floating-point number
Rated Cooling Air Flow Rate fs_a_rated_cooling_air_flow_rate Floating-point number m<sup>3</sup>/s
Rated Cooling Capacity fs_a_rated_cooling_capacity Floating-point number W
Rated Cooling Coefficient of Performance fs_a_rated_cooling_coefficient_of_performance Floating-point number
Rated Flow Rate fs_a_rated_flow_rate Floating-point number m^3/hr
Rated Heat Pump Sensible Heat Ratio fs_a_rated_heat_pump_sensible_heat_ratio Floating-point number
Rated Heating Air Flow Rate fs_a_rated_heating_air_flow_rate Floating-point number m<sup>3</sup>/s
Rated Heating Coefficient of Performance fs_a_rated_heating_coefficient_of_performance Floating-point number
Rated Horsepower fs_a_rated_horsepower Floating-point number
Rated Inlet Air Dry-Bulb Temperature fs_a_rated_inlet_air_dry-bulb_temperature Floating-point number ¡C
Rated Inlet Air Wet Bulb Temperature fs_a_rated_inlet_air_wet_bulb_temperature Floating-point number ¡C
Rated Input Power fs_a_rated_input_power Floating-point number Wdc
Rated Load Loss fs_a_rated_load_loss Floating-point number Watts
Rated Motor Power fs_a_rated_motor_power Floating-point number kW
Rated Output Power fs_a_rated_output_power Floating-point number Wac
Rated Output Voltage fs_a_rated_output_voltage Floating-point number Vac
Rated Power fs_a_rated_power Floating-point number VA
Rated Pump Head fs_a_rated_pump_head Floating-point number m
Rated Tank Volume fs_a_rated_tank_volume Floating-point number m<sup>3</sup>
Rated Total Cooling Capacity fs_a_rated_total_cooling_capacity Floating-point number W
Refrigerant sm_a_refrigerant String
Refrigerant Designation sm_a_refrigerant_designation String
Required Height Necessary for Installation fs_a_required_height_necessary_for_installation Floating-point number m
Requires EnergyPlus Results requires_energyplus_results Boolean
RequiresEnergyPlusResults requiresenergyplusresults Boolean
Resistance fs_a_resistance Floating-point number m^2*K/W
ScriptFunction sm_a_scriptfunction String
ScriptType sm_a_scripttype String
Self Consumption Power fs_a_self_consumption_power Floating-point number Wdc
Service (Location) sm_a_service_(location) String
Service Factor fs_a_service_factor Floating-point number
SHGC fs_a_shgc Floating-point number
Short Circuit Current fs_a_short_circuit_current Floating-point number Adc
Short Circuit Current Temperature Coefficient fs_a_short_circuit_current_temperature_coefficient Floating-point number %/C
Size fs_a_size Floating-point number kW
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient fs_a_solar_heat_gain_coefficient Floating-point number
Specific Heat fs_a_specific_heat Floating-point number J/kg*K
Standard sm_a_standard String
Standard Type sm_a_standard_type String
Standby Heat Loss fs_a_standby_heat_loss Floating-point number kW
Standby Power fs_a_standby_power Floating-point number W
Star Delta Breakdown Torque fs_a_star_delta_breakdown_torque Floating-point number N*m
Star Delta Locked Rotor Amperage fs_a_star_delta_locked_rotor_amperage Floating-point number A
Star Delta Locked Rotor Torque fs_a_star_delta_locked_rotor_torque Floating-point number N*m
Star Delta Pull Up Torque fs_a_star_delta_pull_up_torque Floating-point number N*m
Starting Method sm_a_starting_method String
State sm_a_state String
Storage Tank Height fs_a_storage_tank_height Floating-point number m
Synchronous Speed fs_a_synchronous_speed Floating-point number RPM
Test Acceptance Grade sm_a_test_acceptance_grade String
Thermal Efficiency fs_a_thermal_efficiency Floating-point number %
Thickness fs_a_thickness Floating-point number %
Tilt Angle Max fs_a_tilt_angle_max Floating-point number Degrees
Tilt Angle Min fs_a_tilt_angle_min Floating-point number Degrees
Tint sm_a_tint String
Total Heat Men fs_a_total_heat_men Floating-point number Btu/hr
Total Pressure Rise fs_a_total_pressure_rise Floating-point number
TPE uuid sm_a_tpe_uuid String
Turndown Ratio fs_a_turndown_ratio Floating-point number
Type sm_a_type String
Typical Application sm_a_typical_application String
U Frame sm_a_u_frame String
U-factor fs_a_u-factor Floating-point number W/m^2*K
Unloaded Amperage fs_a_unloaded_amperage Floating-point number A
Upper Supplemental Heater Capacity fs_a_upper_supplemental_heater_capacity Floating-point number W
Uses SketchUp API uses_sketchup_api Boolean
UsesSketchUpAPI usessketchupapi Boolean
Variable-Speed Drive Compressor sm_a_variable-speed_drive_compressor String
Vertical Shaft sm_a_vertical_shaft String
Visible Light Transmittance fs_a_visible_light_transmittance Floating-point number
Visible Light Transmittance Specular Percentage fs_a_visible_light_transmittance_specular_percentage Floating-point number %
VLT fs_a_vlt Floating-point number
Voltage Rating sm_a_voltage_rating String
Volume per Cycle fs_a_volume_per_cycle Floating-point number L/s
Warranty fs_a_warranty Floating-point number Years
Warranty Option sm_a_warranty_option String
Water Cooled Grate sm_a_water_cooled_grate String
water main calculation sm_a_water_main_calculation String
Weight fs_a_weight Floating-point number kg
Wetbulb fs_a_wetbulb Floating-point number C
Width fs_a_width Floating-point number m
Wind Resistance fs_a_wind_resistance Floating-point number kph
Windspeed fs_a_windspeed Floating-point number m/3
WMO fs_a_wmo Floating-point number
Women Heat Multiplier fs_a_women_heat_multiplier Floating-point number
Working Refrigerant sm_a_working_refrigerant String