Component Details

NameLg Electronics Usa Arub072bte4
Display NameNone
Tags HVAC.Ductless Heat Pump.Outdoor Unit
DescriptionEnergy performance information for LG Electronics USA model ARUB072BTE4 by LG Electronics USA. This information was compiled from data submitted to the Technology Performance Exchange ( Additional data and provenance details for this product can be found on the TPE.
Modeler's DescriptionNone
TPE uuid9f947c0c-69e0-4342-a10c-efc73f4cf86c
ManufacturerLG Electronics USA
Model NumberARUB072BTE4
BrandLG Electronics USA
OpenStudio TypeOS:AirConditioner:VariableRefrigerantFlow
Product Line/Family NameMulti V IV
Rated Total Cooling Capacity21096.0
Rated Heating Capacity23733.0
Rated Cooling Coefficient of Performance4.03
Rated Heating Coefficient of Performance4.05
Working Refrigerant410A
Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio25.5
OpenStudio Version1.9.0
GitHub RepoBuildingComponentLibrary/tpex-components


Version ID GitHub Release Tag OpenStudio Version Min Compatible Version Max Compatible Version Download Link
76c5a8ab-dfd3-4538-9862-e18e3016a738 v0.1 1.9.0 Download v0.1