Shadow Calculation

Measure Details

Display NameShadow Calculation
Language Ruby
Tags Whole Building.Space Types
DescriptionThis measure sets the fields of the ShadowCalculation object, which is used to control some details of EnergyPlus’s solar, shadowing, and daylighting models.
Modeler's DescriptionThe ShadowCalculation class does not have a public constructor because it is a unique ModelObject.
Measure TypeModelMeasure
Intended Software ToolApply Measure Now
Intended Software ToolOpenStudio Application
Intended Software ToolParametric Analysis Tool
OpenStudio Version3.0.0
Minimum Compatible OpenStudio Version3.0.0
GitHub RepoNREL/openstudio-common-measures-gem


Version ID GitHub Release Tag OpenStudio Version Min Compatible Version Max Compatible Version Download Link
229f6ef2-2113-44d4-b09d-9854a106e2e4 v0.9.0 3.0.0 3.0.0 Download v0.9.0
229f6ef2-2113-44d4-b09d-9854a106e2e4 v0.8.0 3.0.0 3.0.0 Download v0.8.0