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Set Output Table To SI Units v2
measure This measure keeps the output table in SI units and the sql file remains in SI units to allow generation of OpenStudio Results in SI units. Report...
Set Output Table To IP Units v2
measure This measure changes the output table to be in IP units but the sql file remains in SI units to allow generation of OpenStudio Results. Only...
Generic QAQC
measure This measure extracts key simulation results and performs basic model QAQC checks. Each category of checks provides a description of the source of...
measure This measure takes the path to an external OSM file. When it runs, it compares that model to the current model and reports differences between the two.
Envelope and Internal Load Breakdown
measure Report provides annual and monthly views into heat gains and losses for envelope and internal loads.
HVAC Psychrometric Chart
measure A psychrometric chart shows the relationship between air temperature and humidity conditions.
OpenStudio Results
measure This measure creates high level tables and charts pulling both from model inputs and EnergyPlus results. It has building level information as well...
Example Report
measure Simple example of modular code to create tables and charts in OpenStudio reporting measures. This is not meant to use as is, it is an example to...
measure Exports a .gt1 file that can be imported into GLHEPro as part of determining the size of a vertical ground heat exchanger borefield. This file...
measure Requests that EnergyPlus output the district heating and district cooling rates at an hourly interval. These rates will be used by the Measure...
measure Visualize energy simulation data plotted on an OpenStudio model in a web based viewer
measure Visualize an OpenStudio model in a web based viewer
TimeSeries Objective Function
measure Creates Objective Function from Timeseries Data
Timeseries Plot
measure Creates an interactive timeseries plot of selected variable.
measure Exports an OutputMeter specified in the AddOutputMeter OpenStudio measure to a csv file.
Apply Now Reporting Measure
measure An example of how you can create something similar to a ReportingMeasure (that will create an HTML file) but is actually a ModelMeasure you can...
Ventilation Report
measure This measure asks the user to select a thermal zone (or all zones) and generates a Quality Assurance Report relating to ventilation and...
gem environment report
measure For OpenStudio testing and development; this measure reports out information about the gem path and gems that are available and loaded. Used for...
Unmet Load Hours Troubleshooting
measure Unmet load hours are any hours of operation when conditioned spaces are outside the throttling range for heating or cooling controls. That is,...
Zone Report
measure This measure provides Thermal Zone level HVAC information. Output includes thermal zone equipment descriptions and details, zone sizing...
Server Directory Cleanup
measure Removes a significant portion of the saved results from each run, helping to alleviate memory problems.
measure This script exports a CSV file containing values for each schedule in the model at a specified interval.
measure This measures generates a flood plot of the requested meter.
Predicted Mean Vote
measure This measure adds the necessary data to people objects to support Predicted Mean Vote output data. It also adds the variable request.
Add Meter
measure This measure adds an meter at the requested reporting frequency.